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If you have a mold problem in and around Atlanta, you need the professional mold removal of Greene Environmental.

Mold can thrive in any home or business and, if not properly taken care of by trained professionals, it can be highly toxic to humans. That's why the professionals of Greene Environmental are here for mold remediation services including:

* Black Mold Removal
* Mold Testing
* Mold Inspection

If you suspect you have mold in your home or if you are looking for a new piece of property, our mold testing and mold inspection will let you know if you have a mold problem and what the extent of the mold issue is. When you have a mold problem, don't delay! Let our affordable service and mold removal take care of business. Our mold removal, including black mold removal gets rid of the mold and makes your home or business a healthy place to live again.

With Greene Environmental mold inspection and mold removal, you can breath easily again. For more information, call us today at (404) 492-5766 or come to our Atlanta, GA location, conveniently located at:

Greene Environmental
1700 Northside Dr NW # 1304
Atlanta, GA 30318-2684

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